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Title Playground Handover Checklist
Source Surf Coast Shire
Title Primary school playgrounds: features and management in Victoria, Australia
Source Barbara Chancellor
Title Outdoor Play: Does avoiding the risks reduce the benefits?
Source Helen Little Shirly Wyver
Title Smart Urban Future
Source Municipal Association Victoria & Victoria Walks
Title Healthy Parks and Playgrounds Cambridge
Source City of Cambridge, Massachusetts
Title Play Australia June 2013 Final Report: Structure, Governance and change
Source Play Australia
Title From Playgrounds to Patient: Reflections on a Traditional Games Project in A Pediatric Hospital
Source Judy McKinty
Title Play and Folklore
Source Museum Victoria
Title Playing and Nature - Pure and Simple?
Source Paul Johnson
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Title New guidelines to bring nature play to every community
Source Children and Nature Network

Nature Play & Learning Places is a project of the National Wildlife Federation and the Natural Learning Initiative at the College of Design, North Carolina State University. The guidelines draw from principal author Robin Moore’s extensive landscape design experience, case studies of 12 existing nature play areas across the country, and the contributions from the members of a national steering committee and a technical advisory committee, which consisted of representatives from more than 20 national organizations. The project was funded by the US Forest Service. -

Read the article on the Children and Nature Network website.

Title State of Play in the UK
Source Greg Maddock Memorial Scholarship 2014
Title Fostering outdoor play (Wales)
Source Play Wales
Title A world without play: Literature review
Source Play England
Title Member News Winter 2013 Issue 01
Title Member News Spring 2013 Issue 02
Title Member News Autumn 2014 Issue 03
Title Member News Winter 2014 Issue 04
Title Member News Spring 2014 Issue 05
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Title Member News Summer 2015 Issue 06
Title Member News Autumn 2015 Issue 07
Source Play Australia
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Title Trees in Playspaces
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Title Play Australia Risk Management Guide
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Title Not Just Fresh Air And Exercise
Source Play Australia


The Children’s Services Regulations in Victoria changed in 2009 to include that ‘the outdoor space that is provided at a children’s service includes features that enable each child to explore and experience the natural environment’ and further ‘that outdoor spaces include a range of different natural features such as sand, soil, grass, a variety of different plantings and trees…. allowing children to touch and interact with the natural environment in their everyday play’. Further information about these requirements is available from the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development.

Play Australia has developed and produced this film, “Not Just Fresh Air and Exercise” with the assistance of the DEECD and the Warrawong Professional Learning Grants, to inspire and support staff employed in early years services in Victoria to create and/or improve outdoor nature play spaces.

Watch the film here which runs for a little under 20 minutes and download the materials below which support the film's key message. Further information about these requirements is available from the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development.


Title From Strategy to Reality - The Bristow Smith Reserve Nature Playspace Story
Source Alexandrina Council
Title Play For Wales Issue 46 Spring 2016
Source Play for Wales