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Title Global 'Age-Friendly' Cities - a Guide
Source World Health Organization
Title Manual for Streets in England and Wales
Source Department of Transport
Title Play in Schools and Integrated Settings: a position statement
Source Play England
Title Beyong Blue to Green: the benefits of contact with nature for mental health and well being
Source Mardie Townsend - Deakin University
Title Changes to (primary) school recess and their effect on children’s physical activity: An Australian Perspective
Source John Evans Deakin University
Title Play in schools; Problems and prospects
Source John Evans Deakin University
Title Liberty on the Swings - powerpoint presentation
Source Jenene Burke University of Ballarat
Title Stemming the Decline in Playground Activity
Source Prue Walsh - Play Environment Consulting
Title The Unhealthy State of Play
Source John Evans Deakin University
Title Enabling Play: Insider accounts of disabled children's playworlds in accessible playgrounds
Source Jenene Burke University of Ballarat

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Title How Young People are Fairing '10
Source Foundation for Young Australians
Title Play with Rainwater and Sustainable Drainage
Source Play England
Title Where have all the Gardens Gone?
Source Tony Hall: Griffith University
Title A Child's Right to Play: The Social Construction of Civic Virtues in Toy Libraries
Source Journal of Public Policy and Marketing Vol 30 (1) Spring 2011
Title Central Park Nature, context and human well-being
Source International Journal of Wellbeing, 1 (2), 235-254. doi:10.5502/ijw.v1i2.6
Title The risk is that there is 'no risk': a simple, innovative intervention to increase children's activity levels
Source International Journal of Early Years Education
Title Do features of public open spaces vary according to neighbourhood socio-economic status?
Source Health and Place: an International Journal
Title Health Benefits of Gardens in Hospitals
Source Roger S Ulrich Ph.D.
Title Improved learning through physical activity
Source WA Department of Sport and Recreation
Title Active Transportation: Making the link from transportation to physical activity and obesity
Source Active Living Research
Title Nature, Childhood, Health and Life Pathways
Source University of Essex
Title Parks and Open Space: for the health and wellbeing of children and young people
Source Australian Research Alliance for Children and Youth
Title Out and About in Penrith
Source Zoë Sofoulis | Helen Armstrong | Michael Bounds | Abby Lopes & Tara Andrews
Title Lack of outdoor play linked to children's mental health
Source Unknown
Title Parks, Playgrounds and Active Living
Source Active Living Research